The 2019 Special Olympics Ontario Invitational Youth Games sustainability plan centers on four values that are a focal point of Special Olympics programming worldwide. These values help to guide the games not only in its present success, but in leaving a long-lasting social and environmental legacy:

Treating all other individuals and the host city with caution and appreciation through limited generation of waste specific to the games, and through efficient use of transportation that limits the carbon footprint.

Accessibility and Inclusion
Understanding that everyone involved in the games possesses a vital role in ensuring every event is accessible to and inclusive of all people, regardless intellectual or physical ability.

Minimizing the environmental footprint of the event through not only respect for the host city and its residents, but by maximizing the use of sustainable and healthy food and beverages for athletes, coaches, spectators and volunteers.

Engaging all partners and suppliers in assuring sustainability practices are implemented; inspiring stakeholders and shareholders alike to do their part in making the environmental and social legacy of the games as positive as possible.