Toronto has the sprawling urban and multicultural foundation to make it an outstanding host for the inaugural 2019 Special Olympics Ontario Invitational Youth Games. It is the largest city in Canada with 2.8 million residents and boasts one of the most diverse populations in the world, one that will undoubtedly accept and embrace athlete visitors from around the globe. Competitors will be amazed at the thriving culture of Ontario's capital, which is reflected in its food, entertainment, art, and social atmosphere.

Toronto's infrastructure will also leave athletes wanting to come back. Public transportation is affordable and accessible - providing busses, streetcars, and trains that allow for convenient travel within the city. Clean, modern and accessible accommodations and sport venues in the downtown core and surrounding areas provide Special Olympics Ontario with the opportunity to support a successful three-day international event. Toronto is truly a perfect starting point for the legacy of 2019 Invitational Youth Games and will leave athletes with an experience like no other!

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