Danny Champagne

“I have had to face many obstacles since I first started playing Special Olympic sports four years ago, but with the support of the new friends that I have made since starting, I have been able to overcome all of these obstacles. The very first year that I started playing I was extremely shy and I didn’t have any friends that I could talk to. That soon changed after getting to know my teammates because we all had something in common- we loved playing sports. My very first competition I was very scared to be so far away from home, but I am glad that I got the courage to go with my teammates because I got to meet even more people who were just as nice as my teammates. My second year playing I broke my wrist in two places during a gym class shortly before the championship games so I was unable to go. I felt terrible for letting my team down due to my injury, but they only cared that I was okay. That meant a lot to me because they cared about me as a friend and not just a teammate. I am grateful for Special Olympics because it has given me confidence and life-long friends.”

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