Kobe Selman

Kobe will be the first to say that participating in Special Olympics and going to Governor Simcoe has saved his life. He does not know where he would be right now. He is not sure if he would be in school at all. He always gets excited for the chance to compete in his favourite sport: athletics. He is thankful that he has a teacher who is behind him 100%. “My teacher always pushes me to work hard, and that hard work will pay off in all parts of life.”

Kobe has been an integral part of the Governor Simcoe Secondary School Special Olympic School Program, as well as the Special Olympics community program participating in the sport of athletics. He has dedicated himself to this sport since he was in elementary school. He has shown great growth and success as an athlete. Kobe has become a role model and team leader. He always encourages and assists his teammates. Kobe keeps an “eye” on his teammates at events. He is always cheering on his teammates and other Special Olympians in events they are competing in. Kobe is patient, thoughtful and is always positive. Kobe has had an amazing career so far in athletics, and cannot wait for the chance to compete at the Invitational Youth Games!


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  1. Kobe, I am so proud to have been able to watch you learn and grow. You are an amazing athlete and role model for your classmates and fellow athletes.

  2. I am so pound of what u have be come keep moving forward and do your best at what you do love aunt teresa

  3. Good job my cousin , I’m super proud of you , that’s right keep going and never stop pushing your self more and more each and every day and you will reach the top but don’t stop there because there is always more beyond that point of the top , I love you kobes ,keep going .your an amazing person & an awesome athlete. Go Kobe’s go 💙💙much love from your cousin Jessica & the fam jam

  4. Wtg!!! You are an inspiration to manys. You family is very proud of you including me xo keep up the excellent job you do . Love Cousin Michelle

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