Featured Athlete of the Week

Meet Shelby

Shelby has been a longstanding member of Special Olympics at Brock High School, having been a part of the program every year since grade 9. An all-round athlete that’s competed in bocce and basketball in the past, Shelby will be competing in several track and field events at the Youth Games this year.

She’s looking forward to competing with her team in the 4 x 100m relay race, and we wish her the best of luck!

Meet Trinity

When she entered grade 9, Trinity became involved with the Special Olympics School programs and found she enjoyed trying new sports and meeting new friends…

Meet the
Herman Academy Bocce Team

Most of these students have never been to Toronto or out of town. This opportunity means a lot for them and their families!

Meet Owen

After an unfortunate fall and despite his coach encouraging him to sit out the next race, Owen discovered his grit and willingness to face adversity, insisting that he had to compete.

Meet the
Adam Scott CVI
Soccer Team

This team is FULL of energy and are eager to compete! They work extremely well together, with fantastic passing, ball control and communication skills.

Meet the
Martin Collegiate Basketball Team

They are proud to be one of the eight schools in Regina to offer a unified basketball program and will be travelling over 2,000km to attend the Youth Games!

Meet Joshua

When asked by his coach if he wanted a chance to qualify the day before submissions were due, Joshua ran in 2 degree weather through a cold wind with a smile on his face!

Meet Lydia

As the only student from her school to qualify for Games, she is looking forward to doing her best and representing her school with pride!

Meet Aidan

Aidan welcomes the opportunity to meet many new peers from across the province and around the world and make new friends on and off the field!

Qualifiers are currently taking place around the world!

Check back regularly for more stories from the athletes and teams who will be making their way to Toronto for the Invitational Youth Games!