Shabaana Mohamed and Justin Williams

Over the years, these two athletes have grown from shy grade 9 students to leaders in both their school and community! These students have been active participants in all facets of Special Olympics, from players to assistant coaches to participating in the athlete-leadership development program to representing Toronto in the Unified Games this past summer in Chicago! The coaches are very proud of the growth of these athletes and it is obvious that their improved self-confidence, communication and leadership skills are due to their participation in Special Olympics! They have utilized their skills to mentor younger Special Olympics athletes at the school, and use social media as a platform to celebrate their schools’ accomplishments! Justin and Shabaana have also worked hard to increase awareness about the Special Olympics programs by speaking to mainstream students at their school and recruiting volunteers to help host qualifiers and be unified partners. Although their dedication to promoting and growing the Special Olympics program is something to be proud of, the coaches all agree that their biggest accomplishment is that both Shabaana and Justin have applied to, and been accepted to college programs! Shabaana will be taking General Arts and Sciences at Durham College, and Justin will be taking Computer Technology at Seneca College! We wish Shabaana and Justin the best of luck at the Youth Games and in the future endeavours!

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