St. Joseph Scollard Hall

Not only has the Special Olympics program improved the wellbeing and enriched the lives of these athletes but has also created an awareness and opened the hearts and minds of the St. Joseph Scollard Hall student population towards students with disabilities competing in sport. The testimonies voiced by the unified players and families have echoed messages of positivity and inclusiveness:

“I have a deeper level of compassion, empathy and caring for others”

“I show compassion for the sports and way more to my fellow athletes. It allows me to be a role model to others.”

“Our son’s confidence has been boosted significantly due to his participation in Special Olympics. He views his involvement with a great deal of pride – as do we.”

“Being in the Special Olympics for my son has taught him to work as a team, that winning isn’t everything as long as he is having fun, and he has also learned that even though he has a disability there is nothing that he can’t do”.

These dedicated athletes are given the opportunity to build their confidence and skills to then compete and succeed. All the athletes bond as a team to encourage and support each other. Whether it is be on a field, on the court, in a gym or on the track, there are no limits to the possibilities!

The Olympians, the unified players, the coaches and families have seen the benefits of the Special Olympic program and each one has taken away what they have needed—a sense of belonging, friendship, fun, a supportive teammate, confidence, competition, and a sense of love for one and other. These athletes cannot wait to compete on the world stage at the Youth Games!


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