White Pines Collegiate and Vocational School Soccer Team

“For the first time I feel a part of something. I got to make new friends and it really was the best night of my life. In my old school I had to try out for the school teams and was never able to make them. When I got to White Pines I was able to join the Special Olympics team and we won gold! I have never been so happy! Now I love sports and am proud to say I am on a team.” – Alexus

“I love Special Olympics! It makes me proud and happy! I always try my best and always have a lot of fun. They teach me respect and to help others. I always make lots of friends when we go to the events. My grandfather always says “the more work you do the better you feel!” I think the more I play with Special Olympics the better I feel!” – Mason

“I love Special Olympics, it makes me feel like I can play any sport. The reason I like playing in Special Olympics is because it makes me feel like we are one big happy family. When I play it makes me feel so proud and I feel like I can do anything. I like making new friends and doing cartwheels when I score.” – Chaleika

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